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THE Montello Cider

Sidro del bosco

Our 100% Organic Apple Cider is sparkling and youthful in character but exudes the genuine style of Italian tradition. Sidro Del Bosco holds just the right balance between dry and sweet notes, and is the ideal companion for your dining pleasure, good company or purely to enjoy a moment of Italian authentic taste.


Alcohol: 4.5% vol. or 6% vol. Acidity: pH 3.50/ 5.10g/L


Temperature-controlled Charmat Martinotti

Residual Sugar

18 g/l

Serving Temperature


Sidro Del Bosco was born in Italy, but now enjoyed by cider lovers all over the world.

Many of its greatest fans even call it “Apple Prosecco.” Instead, we call it Sidro Del Bosco (‘Cider of the Forest’), in honour of the Montello area and the forests of Friuli where our organic apple orchards are located, maintained with utmost respect for nature and ecosystem.
We decided to create Sidro Del Bosco to update the Venetian beverage tradition of “Vin de Pomi” (Apple-wine) to satisfy the more modern palate, and to meet the need for a gluten-free aperitif like apple sparkling wine – playful but without its high alcohol content.
Hence, from this reasoning and our work came Sidro Del Bosco, produced from the juice of culinary quality Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples, along with other varieties grown by us at Cester Camillo orchards.

The juice made from our apples is made sparkling in the same way that Prosecco (Veneto’s most famous sparkling wine) is produced, using the ‘Charmat Martinotti’ method at a controlled temperature with selected yeasts, but no added sugar .
The result of this careful and patient method is a cider with 6% alcohol by volume, highly appreciated in countries where cider is considered a staple feature of every bar, restaurant, and dinner table. Recently, Sidro Del Bosco been awarded the prestigious “Best international
Cider” award several years in a row, at the Australian International Cider Awards.
You can appreciate the quality of this cider just by seeing its clarity of colour and fine stream of never ending bubbles – referred to by connoisseurs as “fine and persistent perlage”.
When you bring it close to the nose you can appreciate a fresh apple scent and get a sense of the lush forest surrounds and fresh mountainous air that passes through the Cester Camillo orchards.
When you get it into your mouth your palate will be delighted by the fizz combined with its unique flavour that holds a touch of sweetness but exactly to the right point, well combined with a balanced acidity that is typical of fermented apples.

Italian Apple Cider

Why choose cider?

Forest Cider is not only good for taste, but also for health and the environment.



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