About us

We love our land


Between the Montello hill and the countryside that hugs the Piave River.

Two proud northern Italian families, Famiglia Cester and Famiglia Camillo, are joined together by passion to create this brand under which we produce Cider of our award winning wines and Sidro Del Bosco (‘Cider of the forest’).
These two pioneering families love this ‘Montello’ hill where our family has its roots.
The Cester Camillo brand was born from the desire to work our fruitful lands and be immersed in our local forest that smells of acacia flowers in late spring and mushrooms in autumn. The apples for Sidro Del Bosco and the grapes for our DOC and DOCG Prosecco are grown and harvested here with utmost respect for nature and biodiversity. Our approach always begins from environmental sustainability, making a vital contribution in creating the unique tastes of our products.

“Cester Camillo is a company born from a passion for viticulture and a desire to resume an ancient family tradition that began three generations ago.”

Giovanni Camillo


Historically speaking, for centuries the Republic of Venice drew wood for its ships from our Montello region. By 1892 the forest was abandoned and the poor survived by illegally smuggling wood from its trees.
In that year, the government of the then Kingdom of Italy decided, through the Bertolini Law, to sell half of the hill and assign the rest free of charge to families who had no assets or land to work.
So it was these same pioneers that carved out farms and founded new villages such as Santa Croce, Santi Angeli and Santa Maria delle Vittorie from nothing. Among
them were some of our ancestors of the Cester Camillo family.

Decades passed on the Montello, and World War I was fought, which destroyed much of what had been built. During this time, the skies above the Montello became known as a backdrop for some of the fiercest aerial ‘dog fights’ of the Great War.
Then also came the Second World War, which greatly damaged Italy.
When peace finally came, another generation of the Famiglia Camillo resumed its pioneering spirit of his ancestors by emigrating to Australia where he made a name for himself for his industriousness and keen business mind, encountering as well the Cester family who had also emigrated from Friuli.
Keeping the traditional entrepreneurial spirit of our families, we founded Cester
Camillo, returning to make use of our ancestral lands. On our estate we take great care in our everyday work, growing apples and grapes while respecting our natural
surrounds and the living beings that inhabit it, and following all those processes between technique and alchemy by which, after the harvest, transform the fruits of
our labour into exquisite Sidro Del Bosco and Prosecco DOC.


We protect biodiversity

We are BIODIVERSITY FRIENDLY and VEGAN certified: we protect soil fertility and the quality of air and water. We preserve these previous resources not just for ourselves but for future generations, so that our planet will continue to live
for centuries to come.